6LACK celebrates one-year of his debut album with a hat-trick

It’s been a year since 6LACK burst onto the scene with one of the best R&B records of 2016, ‘Free 6LACK’. Now he celebrates his success with a trio of new song catered for his fans.

‘Free 6LACK’ found mass success, particularly through singles ‘PRBLMS’ and ‘Ex Calling’. After embarking on a supporting tour with Migos along with a North American Tour, 6LACK looks to carry this momentum into 2018. Blessing us with three new tracks added as bonuses to the ‘Free 6LACK’ album, the young Atlanta talent has teamed up with legend T-Pain on ‘One Way’ and mysterious songstress Banks on ‘In Between’ along with one solo track ‘Glock Six’. The hat trick of new ones shows us why 6LACK is on the path to R&B stardom. Rumoured to also have songs in vault with the likes of Playboi Carti and Timbaland, we could see another impressive year of 6LACk on the horizon. 6LACK will also be hitting our shores for the second time this year, this time as part of the Northern Bass line-up over New Years.

Below is the ‘Free 6LACK’ in its new entirety with the three bonus tracks.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow