Alison Wonderland finds her ‘Happy Place’ on new track Sniffers Blog

Alison Wonderland finds her ‘Happy Place’ on new track

Fresh from tour, Australian DJ and producer Alison Wonderland has shared her first original music since 2016.

More than just a trap heaver for the clubs, ‘Happy Place’ follows the ups and downs of living with depression, contrasted with the bliss of losing yourself, and finding your happy place in music.

“When you’ve got depression, you don’t really have any insight into what you wanna do, so you don’t wanna leave your room. I was feeling like that. It’s hard to even remember what’s good about yourself when you feel that way, and I was just desperate to see some kind of light.”

Filled with grungy drums and synth, the track lyrically debuts her signature line “fuck me up on a spiritual level’, which has become a slogan of sorts for Alison in the last year.

Her full length album Awake is in the works, and we expect to see in 2018 (fingers crossed). Alison Wonderland is touching on our shores December 16th for the Scarehouse project tour, kicking off in Australia at the end of November.

Sniffed by Sophia Davies