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ALTA hypnotise with ‘Sentiment’

When we first heard ALTA they were one of those artists who we had to sit-back for. Sinking into the back or our chairs, and making use of each arm-rest. Their latest incarnation arrives in the form of ‘Sentiment’ – a slow moving tune that regardless of its chilled nature seems to keep our heads moving.

Blessed by triplej, and premiered by i-D the track is gentle yet unapologetic. Though words of self-assurance, the track tells a story of self-actualisation reminding the listener to value yourself for who you are and that you are enough.

“Sentiment is a song about unraveling lies and being confident in accepting the truth. It’s the internal process you go through at different times in your life when you need to stand by who you are and have self-assurance in choices you’ve made. Sometimes you just have to cut the toxic things out of your life and know that you are enough. It’s also about expectations. What people choose to share with you about their life, especially online, can slowly warp your ideas of how things “should be like”. You gotta filter that out.”
– Hannah Lesser

Catch the new video below from a duo that you should be keeping your eyes firmly planted on.