arghtee guest mix a Sniffers Blog


There’s few personalities that maintain an untouchable ethos for their brand without caving to the normalities of the market around them. London born and bred, Arghtee heads the ship at CLUBJERSEY…and has whipped up a 1-hour guest mix to make your draws drop.

What made you want to do this mix?

Well I’ve been abroad in North America for the last few weeks and these are the tracks that were on blast whilst I was out there. In the whip, in the clubs, at festivals, the tracks are just reminiscent of my time out there.

What was the favourite city you visited?

Oh Montreal, for sure. I loved Philly too, but Montreal has a crazy vibe to it and a lot going for it musically. It reminds me of University towns out here in the UK like Nottingham or Bristol. The city itself is very small, but there’s a ton of events going on on a daily basis. It’s also not pretentious at all, which makes Montreal a dope place to create and perform.


Can you elaborate on some of your favourite tracks?

The PNL tracks are my favourite for definite. Their visuals are wavy, and I’ve been putting people on since March so I feel partially responsible for them blowing up haha! Those tracks and the Palmistry track define my summer; I have some amazing memories and moments attached to them. On top of those three, the unreleased Ase Manual track “Feel it” is one of the best Club tracks ever made, in my opinion, and I thought I’d slip it in the mix even though we haven’t released it yet.


Were there any songs you played this summer, that got a reaction you didn’t expect?

Vybz Kartel and WizKid got a lot of love whilst I was out in Montreal which was a pleasant surprise but it was a massive shock to me, I didn’t expect people to vibe to it the way they did. “We Are Young” got a crazy reaction too, I played the track 5 times in a row! We had the club shaking, CDJs about to fall off the table and shit, it was mental.


What’s next for you and for CLUBJERSEY?

At the moment we are planning the next segment of parties and releases; including this Ase Manual heat that we are holding back for the moment. We have a show coming up in Paris on October 17th with Uniique, Dave Luxe, Foba and myself. I am going to be hosting a number of partys out in London, and we are also planning more events out in North America, stuff in New York, Toronto and in Montreal in the next few months.



Troy Ave – All About The Money

Chinx – Dope House Remix

Metro Thuggin – Free Gucci

Yung Beef – Ni Sepo Ni Sepo

Royce Rizzy – 100 Grand

Future – Blow A Bag

Future – Where Ya At

Speaker Knockerz – Lonely

Travis Scott – Antidote

Fuego – Hotline Bling

Post Malone – White Iverson (Dave Luxe Remix)

Usher – Still Got It (Hi Tom Edit)

Palmistry – Lil Gem

Ase Manual – Feel It [UNRELEASED]

Mike Gip – Infahmah (Tricks Remix)

Natalie La Rose – Around The World (Stevie G Remix)

Fun – We Are Young (DJ Smallz Remix)

Ramriddlz – If I Told You

Kranium – Nobody Has To Know

Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love

Jamie xx – Good Times (Arghtee Edit)

J Hus – Dubai

Wizkid – Tease Me

PNL – Le Monde Ou Rien (Young Luxenberg Edit)

PNL – Le Monde Ou Rien

PNL – J’Suis PNL

Tory Lanez – Say It