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Australian Akurei fused R&B and rap with Nico Ghost on ‘Floating’

Friends since they were 16, Akurei and Nico Ghost both ventured into the music scene and now they have released their first official collaboration together.

Written about seeking clarity and closure on a sleepless night, evident in the spaced-out, dreamy feel to the track. Akurei delivers his new feel R&B vocals while Nice Ghost provides his signature rapping style to compliment his new style. The beat, produced by Golden Vessel, is a somewhat electronic crossover to the R&B base of the track. The track brings all 3 good friends together who said they made this track while all living together recently who made this track inbetween ‘eating hummus and watching the Peep Show’.

Streaming ‘Floating’ down below, if you’re a fan also checkout Akurei’s debut single ‘Hinterland’ too.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow