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How Well Do You Know Bryson Tiller? (QUIZ)

One of the modern day kings of Risky DM Music, American rapper, singer and songwriter Bryson Tiller mimes a particular vein of hip-hop/R&B equally informed by the production style of contemporary trap rap, and the emotive expression of late 90s/early 2000s R&B. He calls his music trapsoul, and across two full-length albums, 2015’s T R A P S O U L and 2017’s True To Self, its sound has taken him from his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, to some of the most far flung locales in the world. It’s scored him Grammy nominations, BET Awards, and a run of over 47 sold-out shows on his T R A P S O U L tour through Europe and America.

One of the leading new vocalists to emerge under the paradigm established by Drake, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, Bryson is a multifaceted character who will be writing forlorn late night R&B one moment, playing video games the next, then posing for the gram with his daughter during a family outing. He’s bigger than any one mode, refuses to do video interviews, and in a few short years, has thrown up a career full of fascinating anecdotes.

Next month, he will arrive in New Zealand for the first time, to perform for Frontier Touring and Illusive Presents at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre on Friday 22 September 2017. His ‘Don’t’ and ‘Exchange’ singles both went gold here, confirming that a major major evening lies ahead. In celebration of his impending New Zealand debut, we’ve put together an 11 question Bryson Tiller quiz. How much do you know about the man himself?