Dunedin's newest Rap Cypher has arrived... Sniffers Blog

Dunedin’s newest Rap Cypher has arrived…

Speaking metaphorically and literally, islands can be positive and negative. More often than not, resonating with a rapper, their clique, or a scene that is growing, comes down to first-hand experiences. Watching live performances, meeting performers in person at parties, and being within arms reach to be easily sent a new mixtape or track. When you attempt to work outside of your hometown, getting the lay of the land isn’t always as straight-forward as the connectivity of the internet suggests.

Dunedin’s ASO crew have just pulled together a well executed (and animated) cypher, showcasing rappers EYZ, NintetyTwo, Mo Muse, Sus1, and Lil Dust – LD. All fresh to our headphones, the crew’s performance is a reminder of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into well produced videos, and when it comes to the bars, they’re firing at 100mp/h.

Check the video below, and keep your ear out. The North Island ain’t the only island nurturing the ‘next’ in NZ hip-hop.