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Dusty Melody releases ‘I Wanna Live in the Country, but the City Said No’

In the depths of Karangahape Road a melting pot of cultures, sounds, and personalities are bubbling. Dusty Melody, a key player in The Grow Room  collective has released a new album, transferring his experiences of urban-city struggle through to his most fluid means of expression and mood-telling in the form of head-nod inducing beats.

Fellow scene-backbone collaborators DJ Spell and Leonard Charles assist Dusty in weaving his wordless story: threading a subconscious tale of the dichotomies between urban pressures in city-living and the peaceful, self-sufficiency of country-life invoked through the albums title while the LP’s instrumental format leaves space for the listener to ponder and reflect on these narratives told through titles and moods.

All in all, this release screams originality, and authenticity. Sink into it below…