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E^ST releases ‘Life Goes On’

Pop musics demolished its rules, and alongside it E^ST hits the plate to bat. Bringing her first solo offering of the year, and following 2016’s Get Money EP, she’s back with ‘Life Goes On.’ With songwriting credits alongside Ellie Goulding and the Fleet Foxes, the dancing piano riff laces the track for her return.

“The song is about realising and accepting that most of the relationships in our lives are temporary, yet at the same time not quite being able to let go of someone from the past.”

Taking a non-traditional approach on production, E^ST lets the melody do the talking and puts us in the right place gearing up for the next release.

“I found myself in Oxford with my friend Jim, and he started playing around with some chords, and I immediately knew what I needed to write about.”

Taking us on a trek between pop sensibility and catchy hooks, you can check out the new video below.