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FARR release ‘Blades’

Today, transatlantic duo FARR release their new single ‘Blades,’ the follow-up to their debut single ‘Down.’ Written mostly over WhatsApp (yes we know)…welcome to 2017!

FARR is comprised of Roméo, an LA-based songwriter and classically trained musician, and Linden Jay, an acclaimed producer (Lion Babe, Rejjie Snow) and multi-instrumentalist based in London. The duo fuse borders and soul influences such as Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and D’Angelo with lush electronic production to create a futuristic, neo-R&B sound.

On ‘Blades,’ FARR push the boundaries of modern R&B with a slick hip-hop beat, glimmering synths and Roméo’s harmonic vocals, creating a fresh, vibrant earworm. Speaking about the track, singer Roméo says, “The song came together one night when Linden sent me the hook beat as he was ending the night in London, and by the time he woke up, I’d sent him the vocal hook from Los Angeles and had started piecing together the rest of the track.”