Frills deliver sway-set ‘Dam’

Beach-breezes, hammocks, warped guitars, and bass pushed to the very front are key intricacies to Frills’ signature sound. The Brooklyn duo deliver their latest single ‘Dam Girl,’ a relaxing audible experience set to sway you softly whilst getting god damn stuck in your head.

It’s centered around a quirk, and a cadence that intentionally lacks an over-earnest, overly contrived emotional intention – but instead aims to re-focus the portrayal of the songwriting style as fun, pop, and nostalgic – resulting in coming across free spirited and nonchalant.

The duo featuring Simon Oscroft (ex Midnight Youth/MOTHXR) and Dan Gibson (ex Streets of Laredo) formed in 2016, the two Kiwis now relocated in Brooklyn have received a lot of love from the big Indie playlist followers on Spotify and are continuing to roll out their bouncy, self produced tunes from their underground Greenpoint studio. 

Catch the latest below, and yeah sit back with us – cos we’re Dam stuck on this one.