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Grimes made a playlist and it’s an absolute must-follow

After keeping a reasonably low profile following 2015’s Art Angels, Grimes has sent hearts aflutter with her newly curated Spotify playlist, “the faé list”.

In an Instagram post explaining the carefully curated playlist, Grimes says it seeks to establish a new genre, and a place her own hard-to-categorise music can call home.

Loaded with (mostly) independent artists who Grimes says she feels “a kinship towards in some capacity”, artists featured range from Hot 100 chart topper Cardi B, right through to the dreamy 유카리 (Yukari) and post-hardcore rockers Dream State.

Not one to sugarcoat for care of the mainstream, Grimes describes “the faé” as “children living at the end of the world, who make art that reflects what its [sic] like to live knowing the earth may not sustain humanity much longer.”

It’s a collection of songs that for ears unfamiliar with Grimes’ far-reaching portfolio will take some adjusting to, but one fans will agree sounds just right. And yes, the playlist will be updated regularly (hollaaaaa).

Sniffed by Kate Robertson