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The Grow Room ‘Exhibition IV’ ft. BadCrop, WhyFi, Melodownz & more

A melting pot of cultures, genres, and personalities lies in the heat of Karangahape Road – a suburb that regardless of part-time gentrification still has blood running through its veins true to itself. The Grow Room is an inclusive collective of creatives…ranging from producers to dancers, and singers to poets, all welcomed by an ‘open door policy.’ Alongside what was an intricately well pieced together exhibition over the weekend, music lovers can lock into their latest offering ‘Exhibition IV’ below. Sit back in your recliner and soak up the latest from WhyFi, Lightskinjohn & Baccyard, Menthol Boiz and more.

‘Ahead of Exhibition IV we’re releasing a two-part compilation consisting of talented artists within the cross-pollinating musical environment of Auckland City and wider New Zealand…’ – The Grow Room