James Vincent McMorrow Releases Fourth Album

Just eight months after the release of his third album, We Move, James Vincent McMorrow has released his fourth album, True Care. He released the track of the same name, ‘True Care’ as a taste of what to expect this Tuesday. McMorrow wrote a message on his website sharing the philosophy of the album. 

I had a vision for this album. I have a vision. Itʼs a simple one. It was about trying to find those simple markers for truth and care, to try and find a place where I could understand what it means to love and to be loved…. But not deified love, true simple love.

This album shows McMorrow stepping away from the conventional indie sound, and again from the experimental electronic r n b vibes of We Move. McMorrow has always been known for delicate vocals and honest lyrics which are still there in full force, but this album continues to experiment with new sounds and ideas – less polished, in all the right ways.

Sniffed by Sophia Davies.