JessB ramps up with ‘Set It Off’

JessB has been a name hot on Kiwi’s lips for the past 6-months. After smashing her take of Red Bull Studios 64 Bars, she’s continued to rack up plays on her P-Money produced single ‘Soul Free.’ Not only was her first single blessed by an instrumental from the hall of fame producer, but her latest release has the sub-markings of his hands in the mix yet again.

Following up numbers and accolades that started as early as the above ain’t no easy thing. We’re guessing the blood was pumping pressing ‘publish’ on her brand new track ‘Set It Off.’ Supported on production by Mt. Wellington underdog Facade, the track boasts a lazy groove with no influence of 808’s or what’s popular on your MCM’s soundcloud feed.

Jess laces the ins-and-outs with her signature sound inspired by jiggy early 2000s rap music. Jess draws this kind of delivery from a rich heritage of rappers with attitude, ‘Climbing past the limits to the pinnacle’ she boasts bravado that’ll make you quiver in your boots.

“The message behind set it off was based around my experience as an African New Zealander and my  upbringing in Auckland, and also the struggles I believe minorities here face everyday. It’s important for us to create space to shine amongst the noise. The call to “Set It Off” is about coming together and being empowered in what we have to offer the world, not backing down or going soft on them.”

Climbing onto NZ on Air’s New Tracks we’re putting this one in our crosshair as a radio smash, and pinching ourselves for the drop of the NZ on Air supported video for ‘Kick Back’ ft. Bianca Paulus. Spin the new record below, and stick close for more from the Kiwi MC staring down the barrel.