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The Jonwayne comeback continues, with LIVE From the F*** You visuals

Everybody’s favourite rap anomaly, Jonwayne, has dropped fresh visuals for his Rap Album Two standout track ‘LIVE From The Fuck You’. The video uses typography and animation to outline the narrative between JW and an overly-insistent pseudo fan (played by Vine star Nick Colletti) and perhaps touches on the other side of rap-stardom Jonwayne himself walked away from only a few years ago. The RUFF MERCY produced visuals seem to represent Jonwayne the enigma – it uses type and texture to create beauty in chaos, much like the artist himself uses his words and flow to create an unmatched realness in his music. It shouldn’t make sense, it shouldn’t work like it does – but somehow, it’s perfect. Dive into the video below and let us collectively celebrate the return of the once notoriously reclusive genius.

Sniffed by Jake O’ Driscoll