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Kelela releases album ‘Take Me Apart’

Four years after the release of her ground breaking EP Cut For Me, r n b songstress Kelela’s long awaited debut album is here. Changing the game, Kelela along with others are paving the way for the contemporary r n b. With subtle baselines as the foundation of electronic beats, fronted by her sultry vocals, Take Me Apart is a tasteful result of an accomplished artist redefining a genre.

Full of complex lyrics about the trifles and tribulations of life and love in this modern age, there is also a political undertone. Kelela shared, “despite it being a personal record, the politics of my identity informs how it sounds and how I choose to articulate my vulnerability and strength,” Kelela explained in a press release. “I am a black woman, a second-generation Ethiopian-American, who grew up in the ‘burbs listening to R&B, Jazz and Björk. All of it comes out in one way or another.” Listen to Take Me Apart below:

Sniffed by Sophia Davies