Khalid shares raw emotion on ‘Perfect’ SNIFFERS BLOG

Khalid shares raw emotion on ‘Perfect’

The 19-year old sensation uploaded the track ‘Perfect’ onto his Soundcloud today. Stating it is a rough draft with no final cut in sight, the raw acoustic song still shows why Khalid is one of the best vocalists around.

Khalid’s first Soundcloud upload ‘Saved’ was also a rough draft song, the upload of ‘Perfect’ was left with a ‘I’m leaving this on Soundcloud as well. Thank you guys, love you’. Seemingly showing off his humble beginnings before ‘Location’ became a smash hit and his debut album ‘American Teen’ began putting up incredible numbers. The raw, emotional acoustic track is a perfect companion to the more perfected works he has put out. Feeling as almost you are in the same room as him when listening, the track shows off Khalid’s songwriting ability and vocal skills to match.

Khalid will be playing Spark Arena on November 12th, the show is nearly sold out and if you listen to the track below you’ll see why.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow