King Krule releases 'Half Man Half Shark' Sniffers Bloga

King Krule releases ‘Half Man Half Shark’

King Krule is a special breed – a breed that we’ll never be able to guess what’s around the corner, a concoction of jittery punk rock and Archy Marshall goodness. The young gun has just released his new track ‘Half Man Half Shark’ whilst we eagerly await his sophomore studio album The OOZ.

The new track is a turbulent, emotionally fraught sucker punch of a track – delivering an unsettling, surreal fever dream in which Marshall charts a terrifying journey of mental disintegration, where “simplest soft thoughts become menacing/ twisted raw adrenaline/ racing through my bones, racing through my body”, ending with the pleading refrain ‘brother, brother/ I’ve only got two fighting hands”.

Catch the new video below.