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Kllo release debut album Backwater

Melbourne based cousins, Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, aka Kllo, have been hyping fans up for the release of Backwater by gradually sharing tracks like ‘Virtue’, ‘Nylon’, ‘Downfall’, and most recently ‘Dissolve’. The day has finally arrived, and the duo’s debut album is here.

Some of the album was written while on a world tour for their 2014’s Cusp EP, so much of the album was inspired by the unfamiliarity of a foreign city, and with the retrospect that comes with it.

“It’s the first time we hadn’t felt like kids anymore”, says Kaul. “We were really able to dive in deeper and bring out a lot more of us into the music.”

Backwater allows both room for dancing and peaceful introspection. Toning the beats back on melancholic tracks like ‘Downfall’ and ‘Nylon’, ‘Virtue’, almost a deep house track, is a stark contrast. Most of the album lands somewhere in the middle, with poignant and self aware lyrics, paired with the minimalistic synth pop beats that Kllo do best.

Catch them in Auckland in January here. Sniffed by Sophia Davies.