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Kaytranada’s little brother Lou Phelps releases new album ‘001: Experiments’

Montreal rapper Lou Phelps may have come up in the shadow of his older brother and mentor Louis Celestin aka Kaytranada, but his debut full-length ‘001: Experiments’ proves a bit of sibling rivalry and influence doesn’t have to negatively affect his identity.

Although predominantly produced by bro Kay (aside from the first track ‘TELL ME’ by the labels HW&W in-house don Tek.Won), Lou Phelps ‘001: Experiments’ proves itself an individual body of work, with his very classic rough and smooth flows sitting nicely over mostly sample-based hip-hop leaning instrumentation.

Hints of early D.I.T.C, Gangstarr, and A.T.C.Q shine through, especially on the closing track ‘LAST CALL’ featuring Nas protege Bishop Nehru. But as with the recent Tribe LP, it still nails the classic-yet-current hip-hop vibe. A hat-tip to the modern up-tempo boogie (ala Chance’s ‘All Nite’ or Paak’s ‘Am I Wrong’) comes in the form of the Innanet James assisted ‘What time is it?’, which by no means sounds or feels out of place in this record.

This release is a pleasant surprise, and more of a continuation of A Tribe Called Quest’s latest, than ‘Malibu’ or ‘99.9%.’ Listen and download free on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Sniffed by Marek