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Matthew Young releases addictive new song ‘Hey’

Today one of our all-time favourite artists Matthew Young released his new single ‘Hey’‘Hey’ follows ‘Collect’, Young’s last single that pleased almost everyone who listened to it, clocked over 400,000 streams on Spotify, earned plays on Triple J, and had the added benefit of dragging popular music to a more progressive place. ‘Hey’ follows suit, it’s an effortlessly uplifting future pop song that you could drop at anytime. The playfully pitched-up hook draws you in and floats above the bright, gritty guitars and drums that drive the warm beat. “Baby I just wanna have fun, now Mr Young you gotta pour me something sweet on my tounge, I know you got it don’t you”, put this one on at the next party you go to, and add it to your Spotify playlists below so you can tell your friends you were up on Mr Young before he was massive.