Maxo Kream slaps with new single '5200 Sniffers Blog

Maxo Kream slaps with new single ‘5200

Houston rapper Maxo Kream glided across our desk this week thanks to local head Totems. His track ‘5200’ stunting a hooky chorus backed by smooth production, and a catalog that we’re stuck in for the afternoon.

Outside of dropping ‘Grannies’ produced by MexikoDro this year, ‘5200’ is his latest solo offering whilst blessing a new Lil Uzi Vert song this week. Rated by XXL as one of the more underrated new emcees, he missed the Freshman Class but is ‘one of the most dynamic spitters on the come-up.’

Over hot production from Beatboy, Maxo delivers a convincing flow, especially in the track’s closing verse. “Hurricane, sherm-heads call me femur, water like Katrina, sellin’ sneakers,” raps Maxo, animatedly weaving the words together with amusing enunciation.’ – XXL