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Miguel Takes It Up A Notch On ‘Told You So’

One month out from the release of his fourth studio album War and Leisure, Miguel has released one of his favourite tracks from the album, ‘Told You So’.  

Released with an accompanying music video which was filmed over a year ago and directed by Karim Huu Do, it features Miguel pulling his best moves out in the desert. Serene desert clips are juxtaposed with snippets of politically charged clips giving the track a deeper message – more of this is to be expected on the new album, with Miguel saying it “…has political undertones, because that’s what life feels like right now”.

The track itself amps up his sound and takes it in a more upbeat, funkier level than his tracks released earlier this year. With original eighties r n b vibes, the bass synth and guitar powered track makes it irresistibly catchy.

Previously releasing ‘Sky Walker’, ‘Shockandawe’, and ‘Come Through and Chill’ Live on Colbert, the hype has been real. The good news is that the full length album is not far away – War and Leisure, his fourth studio album is set for release December 1st.


Sniffed by Sophia Davies