Mura Masa drops two new tracks from Forthcoming Album Sniffers Blog

Mura Masa drops two new tracks from Forthcoming Album

Stacking up a list of accolades in the electronic world over the last 12 months, Mura Masa is climbing from strength to strength. In the build up to the release of his new album on July 14th, the young gun has dropped two sunning statements titled ‘Blu’ and ‘Second 2 None.’

Featuring lifelong hero Damon Albarn, and the second acting as the first piece of new music since her million-selling debut from Christine & The Queens. ‘Blu’ is an exquisite duet of soul and electronica, new faces and old, the result of many months playing email-tag with Damon: “Demon Days was the first album I ever bought,” says Alex, “and became a huge inspiration when making my own record in terms of showing that you don’t have to write shiny pop music to make something important.” ‘Second 2 None’, meanwhile, twists a love of jungle and grime samples into an ethereal European torch-song. “Christine is just the best person,” Alex recalls. “She recorded the whole song in about an hour – I think I pressed record four times – before going to a fashion awards show. It sounds weird not to expect a singer to be able to sing like that, but it was incredible.”