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Nao returns with ‘Nostalgia’

English songstress Nao is back on the scene with the release of new song, ‘Nostalgia’. She shared a snippet on her Facebook this Tuesday, saying, “I’m in hiding writing my next album but I’m gonna drop some new music for you in the meantime whilst we wait, starting this Friday”.

Nostalgia takes on an 80’s soul vibe. Jazzy and upbeat, it’s a dance track, perfect for Summer. ‘Nostalgia’ follows the mixed feelings Nao has over an ex lover. ‘It’s just the way nostalgia makes me feel / ain’t nobody better than you’, she sings.

Her debut album For all we Know was released mid 2016, and achieved critical acclaim, along with singles ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Fool to Love’. It sounds like more new tracks are on the way, and we can only hope for a second album sometime soon.

Sniffed by Sophia Davies