Nauti (Omni Potent) drops solo single 'VS T.D' Sniffers Blog

Nauti (Omni Potent) drops 1st solo single ‘VS T.D’

It’s pretty easy to get caught in the fold of sounding like everything else in the current hip-hop climate. Our inbox has been blowing with kids on auto-tune plugins and 808 heavy beats that sounds like the lats guy sliding through. Standing on his hind legs, and staples above the rest we landed on Nauti’s debut solo track titled ‘VS T.D.’ The Omni Potent front-man already had us captured on records like Cent2Roll, and shutting down gigs along Auckland’s Karangahape Road.

Lacing lyrics that fight against the trap of society’s expectations, and an attitude of being ‘mundane as f___’ – Nauti makes sure to say what’s on his dome. Reading between the lines, Nauti state’s he’s ‘fighting his own demons in this game called life,’ and ‘realises its hard to stay morally balanced whilst chasing the never ending $.’ T’s vision is to use his alias ‘Nauti’ to express anger, frustration and other emotions he’s gathered into bars.

Backed by Auckland producer Cam Armstrong, the instrumental defies traditional rules around rap production with a refreshing take for Nauti’s soundbed. Sneaking into the tracklist we’ve peeped for the forthcoming EP is a foundation of NZ only productions by Baccyard, jxsh blair, yancey, Cam Armstrong & spyde.

If that ain’t enough for you to push play, then f___ we don’t know what is.