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What So Not Goes to Another Dimension in ‘Better’ Video

Sydney based What So Not, a.k.a producer Emoh, has shared the video for latest single ‘Better’, the day before starting his epic US tour with Baauer.

The video is a game changer, bringing aesthetic vapourwave vibes to bass music. The clip is an overwhelming, sensory experience using a layering combination of graphics, text, pie charts, and numbers. The images and symbols shown in a layered and repetitive ay reflect the ‘oversaturated cyber void we live in’. Timing visual choppy cuts with the beat, it takes the song into a new visual-aural experience.

Video director Mafalda Millies explained the concept further;

“This music video features Emoh and Lizzy captured in a visually oversaturated cyber void, dominated with footage surrounding the notions of temptation and seduction; of simulacra and simulations. All visuals are layered and combined with animated, digital graphics, pie charts, numbers—An overload to the senses highlighting the degree to which we are consumed, distracted and controlled by the flood of content directed at us daily.”

Sniffed by Sophia Davies