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Reo Cragun continues to rise with ‘Nightcrawler’ visuals

23-year old Reo Cragun is coming off his debut mixtape ‘Growing Pains’ after a breakout 2016 with hit singles such as ‘Inconsiderate’. Now he continues his rise in 2017 by releasing the second music video off ‘Growing Pains’ for the ‘Nightcrawler’ track.

While the name may not sound familiar at first, the Washington born Cragun is looking to make an impact in the scene. His smooth R&B vocals mix over the hip-hop styled beats making his transition from verse to verse seemingly effortless. Called ‘Alternative R&B’ by some, it is hard to pin-point exactly what genre Cragun falls into. While Cragun is clearly a very talented vocalist he also plays the piano, violin and guitar. Although his original career path was a full ride scholarship to med school, Cragun always knew his passion was in music and dropped out pursue his dream. Now after the ‘Growing Pains’ EP it looks like he’s made the right decision.

‘Everyone has two sides has got two sides to them, the ‘Nightcrawler’ is the person that surfaces when the sun sets’. Facing adversity his whole life, Cragun has puts his experiences and emotions into every track onto the ‘Growing Pains’ EP. Citing artists like Linking Park and Kid Cudi as his writing inspirations, it is clear to see how Cragun can express his emotions and experiences through his music. ‘Night Crawler’ is no different as the track explores the switch in personas of Cragun, describing his ‘nightcrawler’ persona as coming alive and producing his best work. The music video features Reo Cragun working on his motorbike before cruising the streets of LA in the early hours of the morning with a his love interest hanging onto him.

Watch the ‘Night Crawler’ music video below and check his ‘Growing Pains’ EP for the more of the alternative R&B rising star.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow