Shiraz & LSJ ignore rules on 'Jive Days 2' Sniffers Blog

Shiraz & LSJ ignore rules on ‘Jive Days Vol 2’

In the latter months of 2016, newcomers Shiraz & LSJ released what soon became one of our favorite underground local releases of the year. A 16-track tape, that they’ve just followed up with some spicy sauce.

Jive Days 2 is a project they’ve been ‘building up to,’ after a string of live shows and fostering with their peers at The Grow Room. This release marks both Shiraz & LSJ on production and lyricism duties, ‘resembling the likes of MF DOOM and Madlib’ classics’ according to the duo. Whether the record is a troll-esque semi serious release or not we’ll never know…regardless there’s some nuggets in there. If there’s an instrumental tape coming we’ll be hanging for it..cos them rhymes are trash.


“We it in 1 night a couple of days ago, freestyled the whole thing pretty much. Loving the vibe of it and we think it shows growth since Jive Days 1.”
Photo Cred: Jasper Jay