Smino Delivers summery track ‘Sorbet’ Sniffers Blog

Smino Delivers summery track ‘Sorbet’

St. Louis rapper Smino is back with the release of chill track ‘Sober’, with the help of heavyweight producer Sango. The first release since his album blkswn back in March, Smino is bringing us into the warmer weather with ‘carpe diem’ vibe and laid back beats we love.

The track was released in celebration of his 26th birthday this Monday. Appropriately starting things off with a happy birthday voice mail from his friend Akenya, Marilyn Munroe style, before jumping into the unmistakably Sango hi-tempo and Smino’s upbeat lyrics.

In the description, he shared, “Shout to Akenya fa sending me dis beautiful voicemail dis mornin…shout to errbody who ever put somebody on lil ol me. i love you MUHFUCKAS. dis me jus havin fun wit it…hope yall enjoy, dance, smile to it. kuz nigga i do. okay so lets get technical…”.

Sniffed by Sophia Davies.