South Auckland’s Lukan Rai$ey brings old school vibes to ‘LR6378’

The name Lukan Rai$ey should be familiar to those around the New Zealand hip-hop scene. A few EPs under his belt and an appearance on Red Bull’s 64 Bars challenge, Rai$ey is well established. Now his 2017 ‘LR6378’ EP shows off his old school influence yet again.

His last EP ‘The $outhern Mixtape’ came in 2015, but Rai$ey appears to be on track in 2017. In August he came in with the track ‘Authentic’ and accompanying music video. On a creative spree, just 3 months later he has a 7-track EP under his belt. His old school influence is certainly vivid across the album even rapping about listening to Eazy-E tracks on ‘MSWTOM’. If you’re a fan of lyricism and old school drum beats, this Rai$ey EP needs to be in your rotation immediately.

Stream ‘LR6378’ from Manukau’s favourite rapper.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow