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SWIDT’s sex-rap anthem ‘Tonight’

When you give the instrumentation on ‘Tonight’ a close listen, it’s very easy to understand why SWIDT’s SmokeyGotBeatz is well on his way towards becoming a steering force in the future of West Coast rap music. All lush, filtered chords, low-slung neck snapping grooves, and raunchy bass it’s the perfect backdrop for Onehunga’s Finest™ to deliver their very own sex-rap anthem.

If you consider how regularly INF has been caught chanting “Who’s fucking tonight?!” on stages (word to Fatman Scoop), and the grown content Spycc has thrown into his past EPs, ‘Tonight’ is no curveball. But when you add in some auto-tuned RnB backing vocals, Smokey’s ever-levelling-up backbeats, and the SWIDT MC’s increasing focused microphone skills into the mix, and they’ve come through with an anthem for not just the show, but the after-party, and the hotel.

‘Tonight’ is the last instalment in SWIDT’s recent series of singles, with production and recording made possible by NZ on Air. Expect a lot more from SWIDT very soon…