Swindail Releases New Single "C'est La Vie" (feat. Innanet James)

Swindail releases new single ‘C’est La Vie’ just in time for Australian tour

Swindail has dropped a brand new track just in time for his Australian tour which kicks off next month. Get a taste of ‘C’est La Vie’ featuring Innanet James, who together deliver something fresh and solid. With Swindail’s production that experiments with a variety of sounds and Innanet James who has better lines than Pablo, the track is just what we need. Once you have dug into ‘C’est La Vie’, you can turn your ears to GoldLinks brand new track ‘Kokamoe Freestyle’ which was again produced by the mighty Swindail.

If you are in Australia make sure you catch this live, you can check out the dates here.