Take a break with Day Spa's 'Belong' Sniffers Bloga

Take a break with Day Spa’s ‘Belong’

Day Spa is the creative brain child of Scott Tindale, Matt Bidois and Adam Fuhr. Created in a basement in Sandringham, Day Spa brilliantly crashes Matt’s indie background as frontman of The Leers, with Scott’s production as part of Stack & Piece. Don’t for a second think we are discounting the essential involvement of Mr. Fuhr, anyone who has seen him perform, be it as part of Tahuna Breaks or the countless other spectacular contributions to music, Adam has always added a certain flair to any project he’s touched and Day Spa is no different. The vocals sit beautifully amongst the melodically stepping drum swings with some fucking sick wobbles in there that suggest that this restraint is very deliberate. We cannot wait to see what these dudes do next, in the mean time, make yourself some tea, put on a robe and enjoy ‘Belong.’

Sniffed by Dylan Cherry