$UICIDEBOY$ surprise release 5 new EPs SNIFFERS BLOG

$UICIDEBOY$ surprise release 5 new EPs

One of the most hyped up groups in the underground continue their trend on releasing an abundance of music. This time they may have outdone themselves with 5 new EPs.

The duo from New Orleans have a huge cult fan base every since jumping onto the scene. Coming from a death metal background, the boys have brought similar dark tones over from the genre into their hip-hop careers. The tatted-up, skate fiends come back to the forefront with 5 new EPs in their ‘Kill Yourself’ series each with 3 new songs atop. $UICIDEBOY$ will be hitting the Bay Dreams festival on January 2nd in case you missed their two sold-out shows earlier in the year.

Make your way through the 5 new EPs below.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow