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Yoko-Zuna x Randa x HEAVY’s twisted new video

Okay, off the bat, let’s address a couple of things. Firstly, is this most charismatic on-screen performance we’ve seen from Randa? Secondly, would the ‘Yes’ video have been better if HEAVY had made a prominent appearance in it as well? Also, how good of a job did A March Man Production do on the overall video clip? We’re impressed and suspect they’ll be seeing a lot more play over the coming months.

Right, now let’s rewind for a second. ‘Yes’ is the latest single from Auckland quartet Yoko-Zuna, a band who are essentially one of the most recent iterations in a very local tradition of jazz and soul-rooted musicians playing live hip-hop, RnB, and now beats and trap music. With recent funding from NZ on Air, and since forming a couple of years ago, they’ve backed up a dizzying array of local rappers and singers, including the likes of Team Dynamite, Bailey Wiley, Tom Scott, Laughton Kora, and P-Diggs. And while many of these figures exist within the center of live music in New Zealand, like ‘Yes’ shows, Yoko-Zuna are equally comfortable working with artists on the edges and presenting them with the same care and attention they afford their more recognisable collaborators.

Located within the shared universe Yoko-Zuna began building a year ago with the ‘One’s Cycle’ (ft Bailey Wiley) video, ‘Yes’ kicks off with one of the central characters from ‘One’s Cycle’ waking up in her family home. Confused and somewhat dusty, she’s haunted by memories of the night before. From there a New Zealand gothic blend of mid 20th-century décor, emotionally unstable family members, a super soaker dairy robbery and fried eggs at the dining table unravel into a beautifully hedonistic (and somewhat magical) house party after Randa pulls up in a classic car. We’re excited to see how Yoko-Zuna continues to develop the storyline next.

Can someone explain the sumo wrestler?