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Young Thug goes country ‘Family Don’t Matter’ music video

It’s been a busy few days for Thug with the release of his joint mixtape with Future. Now he releases the second video from ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ with Mille Go Lightly for ‘Family Don’t Matter’.

It’s no secret that the track draws inspiration from country and folk music as Thugger plays to this in the video. Rapping in a barn decked down in typical cowboy gear while showing off his equestrian skills is something like no other Thug music video. While Millie Go Lightly lays down her country vocals serenading Thug and his girl over dinner. The base of the ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ project was to explore another side of Young Thug, showing off his range across the album and ‘Family Don’t Matter’ seemed to be lead for this new Thug style.

Enjoy even more Thugger for this weekend with the ‘Family Don’t Matter’ music video down below.

Sniffed by Max Tetlow